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ICE Scrapper Car ice Scraper

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Heavy-duty Ice Scraper to help you get through winter's cold mornings. This easy-to-use ice scraper comes with an ergonomic handle with cushioning and a hanging loop that makes it easy to store.

A must-have garage tool for the winter months. Make use of a robust scraper for removing the frost and ice from your vehicle so that you can drive with confidence. The scraper features the cushioned handle to allow for comfortable use, as well as hanger loops for convenient storage. Ideal to store in the garage or in the car.

  • Colour selection
  • Lightweight and portable The Ice Scrapers dimensions are approximately. 25cm x 13cm and 3cm inches. Light weight portable, easy to carry hook design that is easy to hang in the trunk of your car and glove compartment. It can also be used as a toolbox.
  • SECURE FOR YOUR CAR This car ice scraper can remove the most difficult snow and ice using its razor-sharp blade, without scratching. Three items of the ice scraper that come in different colors that will perfectly meet your every day needs and be convenient for your lifestyle.
  • Durable and sturdy Ice Scraper for the car windscreen made from ABS high-strength plastic casting that forms high-quality workmanship, tough and frost proof , which is durable and long-lasting and isn't easily destroyed. It's lightweight but efficient The snow scraper has a pointed design, making it easy to get rid of the toughest snow and ice, without leaving any marks It will save you valuable time as well as energy.
  • Comfortable GRIP - Extra thick foam handle ergonomic and easy to hold, comfortable and non-slip. The contoured handle extra thick foam, you can have a sturdy grip even while wearing gloves. This sturdy grip is more comfortable for both women and men to use.
  • A wide range of applications - In addition to frost and snow on your car, they can also be removed, typically at the windows and doors of your home and on the ground. the roof, bicycles, so long as there's any ice or snow it can be easily removed using the scraper for ice.