Best Thermals for Winter Travel

Best Thermals for Winter Travel

We have compiled a list of the top thermal underwear for winter travel. These garments are suitable for both adults and children. They will keep you warm while sightseeing in the coldest months.

Smart packing is essential for cold weather. You can't bring as many jackets and thick jumpers as you want to ruin the experience of sightseeing.

Good thermal underwear is the best solution to light packing during cold seasons. Thermal underwear is lightweight, versatile and effective. It will keep your children warm, and conceal discreetly underneath your clothes, so that you feel comfortable and beautiful even in the coldest days.

How can I tell? Since I'm always freezing, the search for the best thermal underwear is a constant pursuit of mine for many, many years. Here's my selection of the top thermal underwear for winter travel.

Please take note. This list is based on my own research and personal experience. Make sure to check the product specifications to ensure it is appropriate for your destination and activities. This list is not intended for extreme outdoor winter sports, but city travel.

How to select the best thermal underwear

Three main features are important when choosing the best thermal underwear: shape, material, and use.

What material is best for thermal underwear?

Thermal underwear should be made from the right material for your activity and the weather conditions. These are the most popular and well-known types of thermal underwear.

Merino wool

Merino wool is often the best choice for a thermal base layer. It is made of natural materials and keeps you warm. It's a great choice for all activities, and it comes in a wide range of colours which makes it extremely versatile.

Con: It is a natural material that can be worn for many days without washing. Cons : The price tag can make it expensive and very sensitive skin may find it too rough.


Because of its ability to retain heath and moisture absorption, silk is another popular thermal base layer. It is similar to merino wool and is also a natural material. However, it is not as warm but is an excellent solution for moderate-cold climates.

Pros : A natural material that is super soft and not bulky.
Cons : High-priced, needs to be washed frequently

Synthetic fabrics

Many thermal underwear options available on the market are made from synthetic fabrics. These include varying amounts of polyester mixed with other materials like nylon, ryon, and so forth.

Synthetic fabrics are very affordable and easy to maintain. However, they can quickly develop odours and require frequent washing.

Pros - Affordable, easy to maintain
Cons : Odours can quickly build up, so you will need to wash your clothes often

No matter what type of thermal underwear you choose, ensure that it can absorb and retain moisture.

Even if you are just sightseeing in cold weather, moisture can build up. If your underlayer doesn't absorb this moisture, you may feel very cold.

To ensure that you are able to perspire, but your skin is dry and moisture doesn't get on your skin, look for brands with moisture wicking properties. This will help keep your core body temperature stable.

Thermal underwear shapes

There are many styles and lengths of thermal underwear: long sleeves or short sleeves, more fitted or looser, round neck or high neck.

Thermal underwear should be fitted to your body comfortably. A baggy thermal layer won't retain heat well and will defeat its purpose.

It all depends on how much you use the layer.

A round neck will work best if you are hiding it under your everyday clothes, but a high neck is essential for thermal insulation. You can open the zip to let air out if you need it. A high-zipped neck is great for kids, as they are more likely to run and get too hot.


Your use of thermal underwear will also play a major role in your choice.

You will need to have the ability to absorb moisture when you go on a sporting adventure. However, if you're traveling in winter cities and require an extra layer of protection, you can get by with less tech solutions.

Silk is perfect for those who, like me are always cold. Silk is soft to the touch, lightweight, and can be worn under any clothing. It can also be worn under jeans or skinny jeans.

Merino wool is perfect for planning physical activities throughout the day, or if your schedule will require frequent outings.

Merino wool is a lightweight option that absorbs moisture. It will keep you warm indoors, but not too hot. Lightweight wool is best for sightseeing and city travel.

Heavy weight merino wool will be your best choice if you're planning an outdoor adventure in winter with snow and other outdoor pursuits. You won't feel hot even if you stop.

Synthetics - Synthetics feel great on the skin, especially for children who move and run a lot more than we do. The material is soft and comfortable for my children. I can easily pack several of them and wash them on our return.

Roundup of the best thermal underwear 2021/2022

These are our top picks of thermal underwear 2021/2022, as well as the top brands for winter thermal wear, based upon our travels.

The best thermal underwear for children

This is the thermal wear we recommend for children.

This roundup of the top thermal underwear for winter travel I found useful was hoped to be helpful. Please remember that this article is based solely on our personal experience. It does not reflect our opinions on the products.