Hi Visibility Workwear

How does Hi Vis workwear work?

We’re going to take a closer look at how exactly it shines bright enough to keep so many of us safe on-site every single day, but first let’s take a look at how hi vis workwear came about.

Hi vis workwear was first introduced to help protect workers from the sun's harmful rays. The goal is for employees who are out in high temperatures, such as construction or manufacturing jobs where heavy materials must be handled quickly without exposure and with minimal shade available at best; they need some kind of reflective material that can keep them safe during their shift - even if it means standing out against all odds!

High Visibility Workwear is 50 years old!

When was high visibility workwear born?


The first high-vis work uniforms were issued to railway workers in the UK, back when they were known as "fireflies." These fluorescent orange jackets were trialled by Glaswegian males who wore them while working on trains during rush hour.

Hi-visibility jackets were first introduced for railway workers around this time to ensure they could be seen by train drivers from long distances. These trials proved that the hi vis was a success and soon became essential pieces of clothing among all British Railway employees!

The first high-visibility workwear was developed to help workers in any profession where they were near moving vehicles or working with low visibility. It's called "hi viz" today and gave birth to an entire industry!

The science behind hi vis material is very interesting. First of all, the fluorescent colours are made up mostly from a yellow and orange pigment called 'fluorescein.' This substance gives off light when exposed to ultraviolet rays which makes it easy for humans eyes see in low-light conditions such as those found on site visits or construction sites where there's not much natural sunlight available!

Fluorescent colours are just some of nature's secrets that we can't get enough of. Understanding how they work is a mystery in itself, but one thing for sure- when there’s less sunlight or UV rays interacting with the material its fluorescent qualities will be at their brightest! This means you should always wear reflective tape so people don't trip over these glowing beauties while walking home after hours spent working outside (it happens).

The importance of high visibility workwear cannot be understated. The reflective strip detailing is essential for ensuring you’re visible at night and in low lighting where the fluorescent colours won't pick up on any UV lights to react with, making it crucial that these pieces are worn by all employees who may find themselves out after dark or during storm periods!

Hi-vis jackets are a must for anyone working in conditions where visibility is low, such as construction sites or gas stations. One of the most common types found on these garments can be distinguished by its unique appearance: microprismatic tape and glass bead reflective strips both have their own benefits depending upon what you need them to do—but there's one major difference between each type that sets it apart from other similar products available today!

The Micro-prismatic tape is a special type of plastic vinyl that contains lots micro prisms. These tiny pieces inside the material work by bouncing any light that comes into contact with them around internally, before then reflecting it back out again making this product well suited for working in dark conditions where other reflective materials would fail you!

Glass Bead Reflective Tape

The most common type of reflective tape you’ll find on commercial hi vis workwear is glass bead. This material shines a very bright white when hit by direct light, which provides high levels safety for its wearer!

Hi-visibility clothing is an essential part of construction site safety. It allows you to quickly distinguish between your employees and visitors, giving warning if another person approaches or walks past while working on the job site with you--a danger that can be easily avoided by wearing this type appropriate wear at all times!